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If you specifies the callback API when you submit a print job, we will send a HTTP/HTTPS POST request to that URL immediately after the print job finishes or fails.

We expect the API to respond “ok” to our request.

If your API does not respond “ok”, or for any reason we are unable to connect to your API, we will resend the request in 1 minutes, and if we are still not receiving “ok” we will send another request in 2 minutes, and if the same thing happens we will send another request in 4 minutes, and so on… Each time we double the amount of delay time, until the delay time reaches 1024, at which point we will only send one last request.

Protocol: HTTP (Port 80) or HTTPS (SSL, Port 443). 
Method: POST. 
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Name Type Description
id Integer The ID of the printing job
status String The finishing status of the job. See Debugging for more information.
active 0 or 1 Showing if the job is active.
error Integer 0: No error. 1: JSON Format Error 2: Tag error 3: Printer Error 1337: Other error
printed 0 or 1 Showing if the job is printed.
time_last_update Datetime The date and time the job received any update (either through API or the printing client)
delay Integer How long he request has been delayed in total (in minutes)
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