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Plain text print job submission API

This API allows you to submit a new plain text printing job with an HTTP/HTTPS POST request.

Protocol: HTTP (Port 80) or HTTPS (SSL, Port 443). 
Method: POST. 
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Name Type Description
username URL-encoded string Your username upon registration
password URL-encoded string Your password given for print job submission
destination URL-encoded string The destination of this printing job
data URL-encoded string JSON description of the job. See Printing Formats for more information
(Optional) callback URL-encoded string The HTTP/HTTPS API you provide for us to notify you the status of the printing job. We will send a POST request to the callback URL when the print job finishes. See Callback for more information.


A JSON object with 2 elements (null element does not present in the response):

Name Type Description
pass Boolean Indicating if the job is submitted successfully
id Integer The ID for the job if submission succeeded. Otherwise null.
error String The error message if submission failed. Otherwise null.
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